Monday, November 29, 2021

Annual Grand Mahakala Sadhana, Gutor at Nyidey Monastery from 29 November to 4 December 2021

About the Sadhana(Gutor) before the New Year(Losar). Kagyu Monasteries engage in days of protector practice, focussed mainly on Mahakala and his retinue. Given offerings and praise, they are requested to guard the teachings, protect the Sangha and keep the world safe from obstacles and whatever is inauspicious such as wars, sickness and the disturbances of the four elements. Eliminating all of these is the responsibility of Mahakala, who is the main protector for the Kagyu teachings. It is said that the Lama is the source of blessings, the Yidam deities are source of siddhist, and the protectors are the source of awakened activity. Mahakala is the main deity to supplicate for the success of the Buddha's activities, the spread of his teachings, and the benefit and protection of living beings. He is not a worldly, but a wisdom protector, a bodhisattva placed, fierce and sometimes a combination of the two. Whatever their appearance may be, the essence of the protectors is that of a bodhisattva. It is this wisdom deity and bodhisattva who is the focus of the practices during Gutor.